Physio Strength Club Strong Body, Strong Mind program

Look and feel good whilst achieving optimal physical and mental performance and well-being WITHOUT wasting your precious time and limited energy (And it really is not that hard)

Fast track to a healthier, happier, high performing you - the budget-friendly way to work with top London physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach, Scott Walker. Designed to help you transform your body and mind at home or in the gym


6 Weeks Strong Body, Strong Mind Challenge so that you build physical and mental resilience. The Challenge follows the Physio Strength Club Fundamentals, which is a unique system to achieve developing perception and movement skills . It is a 6 weeks progressive exercise program and nutrition fundamentals to optimise health, body composition and brain function, and weekly mental and physical skills and practices that can be progressively incorporated into your busy lifestyle. You can then choose to transition into6 Weeks of the Metabolic Muscle program to either 1) Build metabolically active, anti-ageing muscle or continue to shred excess body fat which maintain muscle in a calorie deficit.

FOUR nutrition guides: 1) Physio Strength Club Guide to Eating for Health, Pain Management and Body Composition; 2) Physio Strength Club Supplementation Guide Worth; 3) Meal Planner and recipe pack; 4) Vegan Meal Planner and recipe pack.

Automatic timers for AMRAP workout and mental practices, and more NEW features that make these practices effortless


Scott has worked in football clubs within the English Premier League, Championship, Football Leagues, Conference Premier, and Women's Super and Premier Leagues, and one of the leading Sports Medicine practices in the U.K.


Love every workout

Brand NEW features that makes working out and mental practices effortless! Click through the interactive exercises as you train and the app times you automatically.

S&C coach, physio, life coach and guru in your pocket

Whenever you want to train or practice with me, just pick up your phone and go! You can even download the videos to your phone for when you don’t have internet.

Brand NEW PSC workouts

You don’t have to wield heavy equipment at the gym to be active and get fit. Thanks to our brand-new bodyweight workout plans, you will be able to… Ω Train in the comfort of your own home. Ω Transform your body with equipment-free exercises Ω Learn new bodyweight-based workouts Ω Get creative with your at-home fitness routines.

Stay motivated & make steady progress

The workouts are progressive and has levels to each exercise. Start with a level you are happy with then try to push yourself on in the next sessions. Level up through the stages and feel the satisfaction of constantly getting better.

Mens sana in corpore sano (sound mind in a strong body)

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Products included:

PSC: Strong ...


What equipment do I need?

Nothing, just your self and your phone


Will the app work on my phone?

It works for iOS and Android, so if you have any phone that works with one of those, you’re good to go!


Will there be new content added to the app?

Yes! My team and I will be adding new content and workouts regularly. You don’t have to worry about getting bored, because there will always be something new to try!


How advanced are the workouts?

The workout plan includes different levels of exercises, so it’s suitable for every fitness level!